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2015-10-22 21:23:35 by KartuneHustla

Check out the new pokemon cartoon I worked on with my buddy Noah below:





Thanks for all the lovely comments left for my new animation "Pink". I know rap doesn't get a ton of love here but its still great to see that it's reaching some people. If you haven't watched it yet, check it out. Also thanks for the frontpage moderators!


Currently I'm working on finsihing a cartoon I started with Lefthandedsock roughly 6 years ago. Its been a weird experience as I was never confident in finishing the pilot because I felt like I wasn't doing it justice. Now I feel I'm at a place where I can finally make it look how I wanted it to all those years back when I first started animating. I can admit I was too ambitious early on. At the moment the cartoon is at 70 percent completion. I feel like I can finish it this month in time to maybe do something cool for christmas. Keep an eye out for it. And after Wizard I plan on making more shorts just for the hell of it.


New Animation Next Week

2014-10-01 22:53:58 by KartuneHustla

Heres the trailer to for the new music video I animated for my friend and musician Curbside Jones. Can't wait to show you guys. It took months but it was all worth it



Looking for Co-Programmer PO4

2014-07-25 15:41:59 by KartuneHustla

I'm working on a new  game in unity for the Power of 4 challenge and looking for some help on the programming side. Gonna use Unity and Javascript. I already have a musician and scouting some voice actors at the moment. Will be starting production at the beginning of August. Heres what the game is shaping to look like.


Kickstarter for Curbside

2014-02-04 11:48:12 by KartuneHustla

My friend Curbside and I put together an animated video to donate money for an animated music video and merchandise. I could explain it but I'll let curbside do the talking.





After a month of work it is finally complete. Hope you guys enjoy. This site has crafted me into the artist I am today and I couldn't thank Tom, the staff, and the rest of the community for making this place a home for people like me. Show some support and make sure to download our album "Wingfield" off bandcamp as well.



"Extraneous" new animated music video out!

I can't end 2012 without an animation. Just doesn't feel right. In response to that I'm making an animated music video as we speak for the hip hop group I'm in. The song is called "Extraneous" off our latest mixtape Wingfield. Can't wait to finish this baby. I miss this community, and starting now I'm going to make it my active duty to rekindle the relationship.

Working on an animated music video

Just recently finished our new album "Wingfield" with the help of our sponsors Oh So Fresh and Apple Juice Break. Hope you guys enjoy it. It's free so make sure to download it.
Stream/Download Wingfield

Free Album: The Lower Class "Wingfield"

New Single - The Proof

2012-07-02 03:26:48 by KartuneHustla

We return with our second single "The Proof" off the LP Wingfield which is set to drop August 31st. Backed with an instrumental that feels mafioso, the track deals with differences in the industry now verses years back, showcasing different perspectives from each member. Hope you guys enjoy it!

Listen to "The Proof"

New Single - The Proof

We just dropped a new track from our upcoming project "Wingfield" which currently doesn't have a set release date. It's free to download so make sure to check it out and share it around. We are slowly crafting a sound that we can call our own so hopefully you guys enjoy it. Shout out to Lucy for modeling for our track cover

http://soundcloud.com/thelowerclass/the-lower-cl ass-the-sound-in

New Song - The Sound in the Soul